Announcing our "Spring Breakers" Mission Trip

This March we are launching a new annual mission trip called "Spring Breakers". The goals for this trip are many:

1) To re-introduce our high school and college/career students to out of town missions experiences.

2) To let our high school and college/career students get exposure to a ministry like Mission Arlington.

3) To provide a specific experience for ONLY our High School and College/Career students where they get discipleship time with their Student Minister.

Back in college, I had the unique experience of going on a Spring Break mission trip to a place called Mission Arlington located in Arlington, TX. Mission Arlington was founded in 1986 with a very simple philosophy: take church to people who, for whatever reason, were not coming to a church building anywhere. Today, Mission Arlington has teams ministering in more than 300 communities (apartment complexes, mobile homes, community centers, playgrounds, etc.). On any given Sunday, more than 5,000 people attend a Mission Arlington congregation in their own neighborhood.

When I visited to serve all those years ago, I got to witness an extraordinary example of a true New Testament church. Their expansive network would oftentimes work hand in hand with the city and local government to meet the needs of the less fortunate in the region.

Because of the unique nature of this ministry, I am excited to take our High School and College/Career students on this trip and give them an opportunity to learn more about the variety of ministries they can become involved in and serve with.

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